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We are dedicated to the financial restoration of the middle class American family…

FCPC is committed to helping ordinary, working people, and their families meet the extraordinary financial and unusual economic uncertainty of the 21st century with accurate information and proven solutions.

Through decades of helping families plan their financial lives, we have identified the main perils and problems people face, and we have highly trained professionals available to help today.

The basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter are not easy to provide for yourself and family. Retirement planning and inheritance for the next generation are two of the greatest challenges most working middle class Americans face. Tough uncertain economic times make these tasks all the more difficult. Yet, only by meeting these challenges successfully can we assume a comfortable retirement and the opportunity for our children and grandchildren to fulfill their potential.

Our mission is to help you with this because you care.
Our most effective solutions are Whole Life insurance, retirement annuities, and accurate information.

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