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Management and Administration
Charlie Scott - Executive Director
Benjamin Cadranel - Corporate Counsel

Managing Benefits Analyst
Anthony Hunter - 20 years - email
Augusteen Cowan - 20 years - email
Avril James - 22 years - email
Damonn Catchings - 20 years -email
Dinah Taylor- 19 years email
Jamison Taylor - 20 years - email
Shaun Newman - 20 years - email
Nora Ellison - 19 years - email

Employee Benefits Analyst
Angelo Brooks- email
Daniel Villard- email
Jose Mojica- email
Kevin Hembry- email
Kwami Attipoe- email
Marcus Williams- email
Musu Walker- email
Reginald Sarpong- email
Roshie Taylor- email
Robert Scarbrough- email
Stanley Moore- email
Stephanie Mays - email
Tara James-Jackson- email
Takumba Brockington- email
Zena Nicholson- email

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