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Sharolyn Rosier
Mr Scott filling an enormous gap in the services to African American and Hispanic communities. He is a 21st century visionary with a resolve to improve the plight of these communities for this and future generations.

Anthony Hunter
He is a man with integrity and he’s done what I want to do (made a million dollars)

Landrick Alston
Mr Scott is a true inspiration for he is a true rags to riches story in the flesh. A true genuine millionaire that actually takes his time to provide and coach a system to be where he was and still is.

Twanna Campbell
Because Mr Scott is a genuine educator and motivator, he inspires those around him to live their full potential by improving their self image and taping in to the greatness within them.

Carlon Cummings
Mr Scott attracts greatness.

Marcus Williams
Mr Scott is a wise man of integrity that he has so much to share. The mission we have here is the most noble thing ever. He is a man that truly cares about people and always puts others first.

Patrice -Alex Dillon
Mr Scott is a dream maker who has already successfully accomplished his own dreams and the dreams of countless others. He is an excellent coach and mentor, filled with passion and care for everyone life that he touches.

Safe Financial Counsel
Are You interested in a career
    • Great cause, something larger than yourself
    • Personal mission
    • Opportunity for serious wealth
    • Lifestyle – Freedom Financially
    • Camaraderie within a Team Atmosphere
    • Healthy Challenge
    • Learn how to run a corporation
    • Paid vacations valued at $15K-$20K per year
    • In house millionaire success coach (a legend in the field)
    • Main Company Partner is Forbes 400—19th largest Insurance Co
    • Unlimited prospects – 75% of American public uninsured or underinsured
    • 2010 experienced greatest growth in 50 years (20% year over year)
    • Recession Proof
    We provide benefits counseling for the Government and Government Contract Employees. If you are interested in this opportunity please email us or call us and we will connect you to one of our recruiting managers.
Recent News for Life Insurance Professionals
News Wall St Journal: Hot jobs according to the Wall St Journal
One of the most old-fashioned occupations in finance is back in favor: the life-insurance agent. Some big insurers are adding thousands of agents and planning to sign up more. They're taking advantage of the weak job market to scoop up former real-estate agents, mortgage brokers, bankers and lawyers whose prospects have declined... more

News USA TODAY: 50% of homes do not have adequate insurance
The percentage of U.S. households with life insurance coverage is at its lowest in 50 years, leaving millions of families without a safety net, industry experts say.

MSNBC: Middle Class Falling Short on Retirement Funds
The average American has saved less than 7 percent of his desired retirement nest egg and will likely have to keep working in retirement to supplement his income.
Middle-class Americans think they need $300,000 to fund their retirement, but on average have only saved $20,000, according to a survey released on Wednesday by Wells Fargo & Co.

Government Employee Benefits Analyst

The Mission of the FCPC
Anyone interested in working with the us needs to understand that we are an organization on a mission. We are passionate about this mission and we hope you are too. Read about the mission here or see this news article by Alternet: Massive Race Divide: Blacks Will Never Gain Wealth Equality With Whites Under the Current System
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