Financial Crisis Prevention Analysis
A free financial analysis designed to help you better comprehend, utilize, and enhance your full compensation package.

guarenteed issue whole life insurance
We are the leading provider of Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance for Government Employees, spouses, and their children.*

term life insurance
Competitive rates available.

Cancer Insurance
Up to $50,000 paid upon the first diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma.

Disability Insurance
Receive a check for up to $2,000 per month for sickness, pregnancy, accident, or injury sustained on or off the job.

Fixed Annunities
We partner with the largest fixed annuity company in the world to bring you the best possible returns.

Parents Memorial Plan
Life insurance coverage for your parents.

Benefits Enhancement Tools
Proven and effective tools to help you save significant amounts of time and money. They will help raise your standard of living without raising your cost of living.

government employee benefits
Our director and senior staff have hand selected every single product we offer. Based on our 30 year experience, we have chosen products that uniquely fill the gaps Government Employee benefits. When we counsel someone about their financial success, we are not only bringing our 30 years of experience, but we are bringing resources from some of the best companies on the planet.

*Not available to individuals who are HIV positive or terminally ill.